Ashfield Nursing Home facilities

Transport can be provided to take you to various appointments if staff/car available, staff are also available some afternoons to take you into town for a coffee or to the shops. This can be arranged by our activity organiser.

Accommodation comprises of 28 bedrooms, 4 of which are double rooms, 3 lounges, a dining room, conservatory, 4 bathrooms and a hairdressing area.

Our bedrooms are fully furnished but you are welcome to bring small items of furniture, pictures and ornaments etc. to make your room your home. Any electrical items must be checked by a qualified electrician, prior to being brought into the home. All items of value should be separately insured.

The home has a variety of aids to encourage independence in mobility, eating and bathing. To assist those residents who are unable to stand/transfer independently we have a variety of hoists.

It is essential that staff use a hoist for all residents who need assistance.
Special equipment may be accessed for residents assessed care needs.

Maintenance is carried out on a daily basis as required by our own staff as is cleaning which is again carried out on a daily basis.

All rooms have their own radiator for heating which can be altered to suit individuals needs using a thermostatically controlled valve attached to each radiator. An opening window in each room allows ventilation but is also adjusted to ensure that no resident can fall out or intruder get in.

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